I am the fight

This Land has a red snowCapillarized with blood of fallen down,Sown in depth enshourded by chinaar rootsWaiting am I, " When will the summer arrive?"Say everyone, " there ain't any summer comingSun is lost like the faded ink of wise ones"But, I still believe being called madWhat if the fight is left within few heartsUntill... Continue Reading →

Let’s walk

Come my beloved let's walk amidst this heavenly lands,Wakeup from the deep slumber of fanciful dreams,Let's walk along the vast swathes of love,Clear your bleary eyes of deep sleep,Relieve your mind from the salacious thoughts,Let's descend towards the eternal bliss,Annihilate your sinful body, embrace your seraphic soul,Put on the your floral gown and chaplet,Knitted with... Continue Reading →

In despair

I am worried about destitute heart of mineSomewhere in worldly affairs I am loosing my purityI am incomplete in my own existenceI am mediocre in every aspect of lifeNeither my heart is whole in divine love Neither I am complete with worldly loveI am a daily sinner in this illusional life stuck somewhere in between... Continue Reading →

Let the love get ripened

Let the love get ripened,Like the glowing fruits in orchards,Let the light of love penetrate through tainted soul,Let the river of love groan in veins of your body,Let your heart open to His realm in seventh heaven,Let the showers of His love douse the flames of worldly pains,Let the ashes of agonies get scattered,By the... Continue Reading →

I am women…

I am women I am an oceanConcealing beauty of pearls,Beholding the integrity of generations,Driven by wildly winds, Showered by forces from moon and skies.If you try to walk on me,My depths will curse you to death,If you swim inside the cradle of my love,I will proffer the world of placidity,For your coming generations to prosper.I... Continue Reading →


Dusky sun drowsing on arms of ocean,Ocean reflecting it's changing colours,Such delusional union it is,Sun in sky coalescing with ocean on earth,Manifesting the spectacular view of sunset,And neither of them owe each other,Sun has his own world of darkness to return,And ocean has his own solitude to endure,But the sun soar again beyond the dark... Continue Reading →

Blank paper

With shatterd thoughts,And crippled words Stonkered mind and bewildered soul,Limp fingers and trembling lines Slackened threads of loose supposition,Drowning in murky thoughts of her own brain With fear of reproach and doubt of snubbingHazy head with unripened thinking She holds her pen to give voice to her silence,To limn her inner storm surges Rattling sounds... Continue Reading →

Deep Love

Don’t limit love only to the surface of the face and eyes let it infiltrate the depths of the soul the storm destroys what is above the ground but fails to touch what is beneath so deep love always remains delicate things never permit harshness they only let kind and soft hands to embrace them... Continue Reading →

5th August

Echoes of silence in the soul, let them be louder!Faded day we lived. Was the only colour red left for us to see?Red for us, extracted from our own bloodGreen of our paradise has faded from our memories Living are we in the land slit by the demonized daggerThe happiness of spring and charm of... Continue Reading →

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