Pretty Pauline

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this poem is purely fiction, any character or happening
is coincidental and unintentional.

I’m going over the line,
Today, I’m specifically addressing Pauline.
The girl whom I saw and I was smitten,
The one who made my pulse race abnormally within.
The girl whom I want, to be mine.

Pretty Pauline I love your eye lashes,
Wilting when you looking at me,
As if beckoning me to come close.

Pretty Pauline I look at your lips,
And wonder,
What would it be like to just brush mine over them?
Is it saline?
Or silky sugary?
That’s a theory I endeavor to prove.

Pretty Pauline,
When I am alone I tell myself,
‘I won’t fear, I must tell her what I feel!’
But when I approach you,
Your presence is so true,
That it sends weakness to the only part I can use to convince you,
The tongue!

Pretty Pauline…

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Morning time

Blessed is morning time
Observing world unceasing,
Unfurling enchanting happenings of nature

Ecstatic sounds from mosques, syngouges and cathedrals
Echoed from far mountains like nature praising the creator

A new spirit is blown far and wide
Sunflowers swaying like children of sun
Roses blushing like newly wed bride,
Birds singing ballads, glorifying morning beauty

Meadows swathed with misty blanket,
Imparting appearance of fairy land,
Like spell of fairy from her magic wand.

Rising sun emanating the rays of life
Horizon of east emblazoned with golden flares
Green stretches of grass like carpets sprinkled with glistening drops

Morning time features a sense of ecstasy
Deep down in our heart, extinguishing the burnings of sufferings

After a melancholic night
There is arrival of exhilarating morning
Drying up the tears of sorrowful nights

A moment of passionate spritual awakening
Time to open hardened , ailed and wounded hearts to skies
To assemble the blessings from Almighty

Morning time is
Call from Almighty,
Call of hope,
Call to get closer to Almighty.

From heart of every girl to her husband 💓

Dear husband,

Be the reason of solace in my life,
Give me your attention and time as my right.

Be like the drop of rain
That makes the rose to blush in love

Be like the drop of dew
Shining like nose-jewel on grass tip

Be like the rays of morning sunlight
Touching me and rejuvenating my spirits

Be like moonlight of my life
That evaneces the deep darkeness of nights

Be like the seer of my soul,
Awake me from sleep of sin

Be like my mother,
Shower my life with pure love from skies of your heart.

Be like my father, be my strength
Protect me and support me.

Be like the diamond of my necklace
Intensify the inner beauty in me

Be the Gardner of my marvellous home,
Nourishing every flower of our garden.

Be like the drizzling showers
Revitalize the deserted lands of my life,

Be like my veil
Enshroud me and my mistakes by your love,

Be like magical elixir
Curing all my scars of soul and wounds of body,

Be like my husband “next to God”
Take care of my every issue,
Forgive me,
Have mercy on me.


Different moments knitted together keep the river of life flowing

Event embedded deeply on walls of soul remain as moment
Retained as memories in heart and brain

Joyous moments always strike our mind
Like the moonlight tearing through darkness

Moments of sorrow are like dark clouds hovering in mind
Summoning the storm of tears and cries

Moments aren’t forever
But memories are forever

Some moments end in a moment Some moments are infinite in itself

Like the tides arriving and eradicating the marks of previous happenings
Likely the happy moments eradicating the woeful moments

This life itslef is cosmic moment
And like every moment this too will end

These moments arise from East of life and set on West of life
Like sky altering it’s colours

World witnessed remarkable moment They also witnessed their end

Neither the charm of sikandar was forever
Nor the moment of life is forever.


It exits the doors of heavens and skies
Stealthily it leaves for travel to earth

Incognizant of destination
Enjoying it’s travel from skies to earth

With millions of other friend
To enliven the things on Earth

With shine and smile in it’s core
Like angels of heaven clear and pure

Singing and dancing like careless child
Whispering secrets of heaven and hoorain

Like the diamonds falling  from Treasury of kings
Like Sapphire and spinel of the Queens gown

Tossing , tumbling, touching and hitting
Filling the ambience with soothing sounds

When rays of the sun Pierce the heart of drop
It pours the colurs of rainbow

The first falling drop of rain on the dry earth,
Creating heavenly aroma of love and nature,

Finally reaching it’s destination,
Sometimes rivers,
sometime ocean,
Sometimes streams,
and sometimes puddles.

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